Welcome to Prosiect2020.cic — a small team reaching high.

Our Mission ...

to walk alongside, businesses, public bodies and community organisations, amplifying the movement toward the wellbeing economy.

At Prosiect2020.cic, we're here to support our clients in making strategic, forward-thinking decisions through the lens of Triple-Bottom-Line thinking: balancing ethical responsibility with good business sense. We see a thriving world at ease incorporating compassionate values with financial imperatives — fully able to prioritise the needs of people and the planet alongside profit.


The Wellbeing Economy

... is every time we make an economic decision — we work, volunteer, trade, swap, gift, purchase, sell — and in so doing we think about something other than money. When we think about the ethics underlying that decision and the needs of our collective wellbeing — our personal wellness, the social good and the needs of the planet . The wellbeing economy isn’t a membership or body. It’s the name given to a philosophy we all belong to when we choose to act with social and ecological wellbeing in mind.


About us

Covering the Ceredigion-Preseli area of West Wales, Prosiect2020.cic is a team of activist professionals passionate about change — for the sake of the planet and for our future generations — but who also understand change which is forced, unsustainable and unviable cannot thrive. We have many years' experience running our own businesses and are here to work with other successful people creating solutions together.


Community Interest CIC

Prosiect2020.cic is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Therefore, our commercial activities are for overall community gain rather than private profit. A core part of our business is making the services we offer available on a reduced-rate* or pro-bono* basis to qualifying charities, other CICs and community organisations. Organisations are welcome to inquire for further information either to help fund our dispensation packages or to take advantage of what is available.

*subject to funding.


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